PluralSoft is a Healthcare Data Management and Analytics Company. We help healthcare organizations integrate and unlock the power of clinical, operational, financial and claims data to deliver meaningful insights on clinical and business performance that enables their improvement and transformation to value-based reimbursement models.

Using our CareQuotient™ platform, customers take a phased, iterative approach to establish a robust, trusted, flexible Data Management and Analytics infrastructure in weeks (not months) resulting in reduced Time-to-Insight – all in a cost-effective manner.

Reducing Time-to-Insight and Time-to Value


INTEGRATE: Unify Your Data Assets

Harmonizing and normalizing clinical, operational, financial, and claims data into a trusted, accurate, longitudinal view of a patient/member across care settings, in a financially sustainable manner, requires a highly configurable, scalable, reliable data platform.

Using our CareQuotient™ platform, customers build a unified data management platform in weeks, at significantly reduced cost Read more…


ANALYZE: Be Outcomes-Centric

Gaining accurate and timely insights on quality of care, patient safety, and doing-more-with-less – and doing it in a manner that improves agility of business decision support – is essential to meeting financial performance objectives amidst a reforming healthcare environment.

Using pre-built Analytics and easy-to-use data exploration tools in our CareQuotient™ platform, customers reduce Time-To-Insight to minutes, at significantly reduced cost Read more…


TRANSFORM: Address Real World Problems

With a robust Unified Data Platform and a broad spectrum of pre-built Analytics, healthcare organizations have the necessary technology solutions to address real-world challenges tactically, yet be on-course to meet their strategic business objectives.

Using our CareQuotient™ platform, customers reduce Time-To-Value in every tactical business initiative they undertake at significantly reduced investment,achievingreal ROI Read more…


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