Why PluralSoft?

Healthcare Organizations are partnering with PluralSoft to solve problems and deliver insights for the following reasons:

Broad Healthcare Domain Expertise: PluralSoft leadership has over 50 years of executive experience in operational healthcare, in both Provider and Payer organizations.

Deep Technology Experience: PluralSoft leadership has over 100 years of experience in transaction and analytical information technology, including healthcare and across established BIG DATA industries such as Telecommunications, Energy, Government, and High-technology. That expertise of “what works” is now focused 100% on Healthcare.

Continuous Innovation: PluralSoft’s philosophy is to work smart and do more with less. Our drive to be innovative has resulted in the development of CareQuotient™ – our analytics platform that simplifies the analytical value chain. CareQuotient™ is an out of the box solution that is integrated to standard data sources, is preloaded with measure sets, is modular in design, and enables users to start small and grow with their needs. CareQuotient™ can be accelerated thru personalized services and shows demonstrable benefits and value within 90 days of implementation.

Committed to Mutual Success: PluralSoft engages with our customers using a partnership model. We believe that our relationship with our customers goes beyond being vendors and we embrace that our success as a business is totally dependent on our customers’ success. This has resulted in 100% customer satisfaction.

Empower the business user: PluralSoft’s technology solutions empower the Business User (from Executives to front-line staff) with an easy to use interface and self-service scenarios that minimize direct dependency on transient IT skills. The solution delivered is designed as an enabler for the business user to gain insights and take action to increase quality, improve outcomes and reduce costs

Quick ROI on analytics: PluralSoft’s approach to delivering ROI for our analytical solution is based on five factors:

  1. Deliver a comprehensive Analytics solution – from collecting and connecting the dots to delivering actionable insights – at significantly lower cost compared to our competition
  2. Enable our customers to meet mandatory reporting and compliance requirements within a fraction of time, effort and cost compared to our competition
  3. Accelerate adoption of technology solutions through personalized, expert, cost-effective services
  4. Reduce Time-to-Insight and Time-to-Value through demonstrable benefits in maximum 90-day iterations
  5. Subscribe to simple, modular solutions with functionality per customer’s roadmap – Start small and grow with your needs.