Implementation Approach

To help our customer’s reduce Time-to-Insight and Time-to-Value in their Healthcare Analytics journey, PluralSoft’s approach to solution delivery is to implement (and customize as necessary), our CareQuotient™ product suite. PluralSoft’s implementation approach includes the following steps to assess your need and plan a successful implementation of CareQuotient™.

  • Determine whether a goal-driven approach, a user-driven approach, a data-driven approach, or a combination of these approaches determines implementation scope
  • Perform a high-level systems analysis of the customer’s existing data infrastructure.
  • Identify the customer’s data integration technical requirements.
  • Identify the high-level concept of operations and system architecture with specific relevance to CareQuotient™ fit.
  • Perform a gap analysis of CareQuotient’s™ fit against the scope and architecture of customer implementation requirements.
  • Develop an implementation plan using information discovered from the aforementioned steps, detailing the work breakdown structure, effort, timeline, and resource requirements across the following three application tiers.
    • Information Supply
    • Information Demand
    • Information Delivery
  • Implement CareQuotient™ and any customer-approved and planned customizations and extensions to the CareQuotient™ product components.