PluralSoft Value Proposition

PluralSoft believes in bringing the clinical value and business value of analytics to our healthcare customers on a rapid time-to-market basis. CareQuotient™, as a solution accelerator, enables PluralSoft clients to take a phased implementation approach to establish a robust, yet flexible, data management and analytics infrastructure and begin to demonstrate value in less than 90 days after contract finalization.

PluralSoft believes that for the breadth of Health Analytics functionality delivered and the value that it provides, our CareQuotient™ Analytics Solution and Professional Services are very attractively priced. Our customers benefit from improved population health outcomes, enhanced patient safety, identification of opportunities for individual patient or provider intervention, reduced overall cost of Analytics infrastructure, and above all, a sustainable business investment through a community-shared analytics asset.

We deliver the most comprehensive analytics solution at significantly lower cost than our competition.

PluralSoft adopts an approach that uses our CareQuotient product implementation “out-of the box” to target delivery of the majority of desired functionality – if possible, up to 80%. The remainder of our implementation is approached as accelerated services. This is unlike other industry suppliers where the opposite is the practice. This unique approach drastically reduces the cost of implementing an Analytics solution in a much shorter duration when compared to our competition.

In the last two years, among competitive bids from 10 – 30 respondents, our customers chose PluralSoft simply because of our comprehensive solution breadth and pricing at a significantly lower cost than the next closest competitive bid. Our customers have viewed our ready-to-go Data Platform and Analytics solution as allowing them to not only implement analytics in a reduced time–to-value fashion, but also to comply with essential performance reporting within a fraction of the time, effort and implementation cost.