Who We Are Not

Just as important as knowing who your analytics and healthcare intelligence partner is, it is critical to understand who that partner is not. PluralSoft is in the business of utilizing domain expert services to accelerate the adoption of its CareQuotient™ product to help you efficiently and effectively leverage the value of your data. There is no more and no less.

PluralSoft is not part of any provider or payer organization – This allows our company to deliver products and services that are completely unbiased and tailored to your needs. We maintain complete transparency with each of our customers, assuring that their business needs are met and that their constituents are satisfied.

PluralSoft is not an advisory consulting firm – We are not a side-line business supporting a consultancy, and we are not trying to educate you about healthcare. We are domain experts who have our fingers on the pulse point of healthcare. We simply need to understand your organization and community’s expectations, your data environment, your roadmap, and what value you intend to deliver. From there, we simply architect and configure your solution.

PluralSoft is not a commercial endeavor spun off from a non-commercial enterprise – Our senior management team has been in the business of non-profit and commercial operational healthcare. We do not ask you to adopt our interpretation of healthcare organization and management; but rather, we deliver a solution that supports your unique vision and value proposition.

PluralSoft does not deliver monolithic one-size fits all solutions – Although we use CareQuotient™ as the foundation for all of our customer solutions, we design and configure our modular architecture to fit your needs. We allow our customers to begin with limited amounts of data, functionality, and analytics; all of which can be extended as your organization grows.

PluralSoft does not sell shelf-ware – CareQuotient™ is delivered in a time-to-value fashion. We believe in 90-day delivery iterations. This allows our customers to begin demonstrating value to their stakeholders in the shortest time available. By understanding your business and your priorities, PluralSoft supports your need to show both short-term and long-term ROI.

PluralSoft is not a vendor – Our organization is fully committed to a partnership approach, where both parties win. We learn as much from our customers as they learn from us. In short, your organization’s success is our success, and vice-versa. This distinction has allowed PluralSoft to claim a 100% customer retention rate.