About Us

PluralSoft is an award-winning healthcare data analytics company with expertise to help healthcare organizations unlock the power of their data and leverage Population Health Intelligence. We focus on developing and delivering leading edge healthcare data analytics, clinical insights, and business intelligence for our customers across the globe.

We deliver solutions that integrate, standardize, analyze and deliver purpose-driven information and insights across the continuum of care. We enable healthcare organizations – Providers, Payers, Government, and Collaboratives (such as HIEs, CINs, ACOs, PCMH and Comparative Effectiveness Research Organizations) to understand the “Cost-Quality-Reimbursement Equation”. Using our solutions, PluralSoft customers achieve the following clinical and business goals:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Enhanced health outcomes
  • Lessened risk exposure
  • Decreased variability of care practices
  • Improved healthcare delivery efficiency
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Better managed revenue streams and resources
  • Enhanced patient/member, provider, and payer satisfaction.