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  ONTOS: Bridging Structured and Unstructured data  

Healthcare reform globally is mandating increased adoption of information technology in the Healthcare industry as a mechanism to remove waste, increase patient safety, improve care collaboration, and adopt evidence based practices – all while reducing cost of care. However, more than 80% of valuable healthcare data lies as unstructured content – as text or as images of documents.

For a healthcare organization planning to meet reform mandates, they need to move away from unstructured textual data to structured electronic data and meaningfully use such data to drive informed decision making – whether for patient care or for running their business.

There are significant challenges in processing unstructured data such as:

Enormous volumes
Multiple formats
Differing grammar and vocabulary
Multiple semantic contexts
Skills Gap
  PluralSoft addresses the need for maximizing value of all information by bridging the gap between structured and unstructured data to enable information integration, retrieval and business intelligence with its unique, multi-tier, multi-platform operable (operating system, hardware and database agnostic), flexible ontology-driven knowledge recognition-extraction-visualization framework called CLINICIO™ Ontos.  
Convert textual document images into electronic content
Index textual content meaningfully for quick access
Perform clinically relevant, semantically accurate search on unstructured content
Extract business intelligence from unstructured text
Convert unstructured content into structured data, collate with existing structured data and enhance overall value of enterprise data for decision making
Reduce cost of conversion to an EMR by identifying and extracting medication histories, diagnoses, procedures, lab results, allergies and much more
Reduce overall cost of information management infrastructure
Reduce overall business risk of potential loss of patient's confidential health information
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