Integrating Disparate Healthcare Data Silos
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“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Those famous words are a good analogy for the relationship most healthcare organizations’ have with their data. They’re awash in data, yet unable to convert it into useful information. It’s held captive in dozens, sometimes hundreds, of software silos across the company.

With impending healthcare reform, there’s an urgent need to integrate data within and across organizations, communities and regions. That’s because both patient care and physician reimbursement will soon be evidence based – requiring electronic data to be captured, integrated, analyzed and transmitted.

PluralSoft can help you achieve:

Financial, operational and clinical data integration within a single entity
Data sharing and integration between physicians, hospitals, labs, insurers and other ancillary providers
Data integration among all entities in a geographic region, as in the case of regional healthcare information exchanges
  PluralSoft and our niche partners have integrated hundreds of open-source and closed-source technologies. We can integrate your financial, operational and clinical data, and help you create a framework for transforming that data into actionable information.  
Gain a 360-degree view across all facets of your business
Position yourself to begin more sophisticated analysis and predictive modeling, which leads to:
Better hindsight, insight and foresight into your business performance
Better-informed business decisions and mid-course corrections
Improved healthcare and business outcomes
Be prepared for the coming era of evidence-based medicine and reimbursements
Be ready for regional health information exchange
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