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Analytics using structured and unstructured data for a TPA
  Healthcare Payer Analytics  

U.S. healthcare reform legislation will have the greatest impact on private insurers and other payers. Among the most significant mandates are:

Guaranteed-issue policies  
Pre-existing condition bans  
Lifetime maximum bans  
Annual benefit limit restrictions  
Premium rate restrictions  
Extended dependent coverage  
Expanded mandatory coverage for preventive services  
Consumer web portal requirements  
Improved transparency of information and audits  
  PluralSoft can help payers reduce the risk of revenue loss, reduce overhead costs and enhance quality of care with our combination of healthcare expertise and industry-leading CLINICIO™ data-analytic software.  
Gain faster access to member health records in order to accelerate the development of new products and self-care incentives for consumers
Gain access to clinical outcomes reporting from providers in order to better analyze risk and administer new pay-for-performance reimbursement models
Manage and integrate the coming deluge of clinical and administrative data from providers
Improve access to quality care while reducing costs
Accurately predict future costs in order to maximize your top and bottom lines
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